WHAT A WHOPPER Burger King has a new burger with EIGHT slices of bacon but it costs almost 8

The fast-food chain's limited edition burger comes with lashings of meat, TWO beef patties and FOUR slices of American cheese


By Hollie Borland, The Sun (UK)

13th March 2018


MEAT lovers are in for a treat because Burger King is selling a mighty burger that's made with EIGHT slices of bacon - but it will cost you almost 8.


The burger comes with a two flame-grilled patties, four slices of American cheese, ketchup and creamy mayonnaise in a sesame seed bun.


But it comes at a price. The meat feast will cost you 7.69 for a meal - although prices will vary depending on what franchise you order from - or around 5.89 just for the burger.


And whilst we're keen to take on the challenge, the burger alone contains a whopping 1150 calories - that's more than half of a woman's recommended daily calorie intake (2,000 for women and 2,500 for men).


To put that in perspective, your typical Sunday roast complete with gravy comes contains around 400 calories - so you could eat almost three of them or just one of the new burgers.


If you're not that keen on beef burgers, you can order the Chicken Bacon King which comes with a chicken burger, instead of two beef patties.


You'll be able to sink your teeth into one from tomorrow but you'll need to head down to Burger King quick because they're a limited edition addition to the menu.


The Sun Online has asked how long they'll be around for and we'll update this article as soon as we know...