Proposal for meat-packing plant in Hammond clears county


By Abraham Kenmore, Watertown Daily Times (NY)

Mar 9, 2018


HAMMOND — The Town of Hammond Planning Board is planning to hold a public hearing after the County Planning Office cleared a proposal for a 2,100-square-foot meat-processing plant at 54 Dubois Road.


According to Matilda Larson of the St. Lawrence County Planning Office, the county received an application from the town Planning Board to establish the plant on two of the six acres of the property. The property currently has one residence; the plant would be a newly-built structure.


Ms. Larson said the county recommended subdividing the land to avoid issues of zoning, or of selling the land in the future, and providing two separate entrances for the plant and the residence.


“The current road access goes through where the meat-packing plant would be,” Ms. Larson said.


The facility would be federally inspected, according to the planning information Ms. Larson received.


David Duff, a County Planning Board member from Hammond, said the plans would be sent back to the town for local approval, although he expressed some doubts about whether the project would be completed...