Kohlís + Aldi = perfect


Pamela Riemenschneider, The Packer

March 12, 2018


My first reaction when I heard Kohlís chose Aldi ó ALDI ó as a grocery option to help ďright sizeĒ its footprint was something like, ďHuh? Say what?Ē


But after I started thinking about it, and ran the idea past a few friends, it really started to make sense.


Nobody I know (me included) shops at Kohlís without a coupon.



And Iím not talking the 15% off they occasionally dangle. Iím walking in there with at least 20%, and most often 30%, and I check the clearance rack first, folks.


Kohlís has trained an entire customer base ó with a few exceptions ó to feel like theyíre getting a great deal by marking up their regular prices and having almost too-frequent sales, coupons, Kohlís Cash and Black Friday specials that are just plain ridiculous.


This is perfect for Aldi.




Itís because Kohlís also carries decent quality name brands, and Aldi wants that discount-seeking ďpremiumĒ buyer.


Aldi is no longer just going after low-income need-based shoppers. It seems callous to write this, but thatís more Dollar Generalís niche now, and Iím saying this as someone who grew up poor in rural Missouri. I used to buy my jeans at Dollar General.


It maybe isnít premium, but itís at least nice, with vibrant signage and those ďtreasure huntĒ kind of specials like premium cured meats, European specialties and name brands like Butterball turkeys at Thanksgiving. Aldi has its own brand of organic salad mix.


Especially in areas where Aldi may not be a familiar name for shoppers, co-locating with a Kohlís will help introduce the brand. For Kohlís, Aldi will bring much-needed foot traffic.


You can go on Kohlís website and use any number of browser add-ons and get your 30% off coupon, plus at least a 3% rebate, just about every day. Going to the store is no longer necessary.


I have no concerns about the logistics and store design. Aldi, and its German cousin Lidl, is familiar with locating within other retail space, like a mall or a shared storefront. Most of the European Aldi and Lidl stores Iíve visited have been a situation like this. Theyíll figure it out...