Spain's world-class 'Iberian Ham' now available for sale in Taiwan

After FDA approval, and 4 years' wait , the famed 'Jamon Iberico' is available at the Fresh & Aged Italian Steakhouse in Taipei, but only until March 25


By Duncan DeAeth, Taiwan News



TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – In 2014, the Food and Drug Administration of Taiwan approved the food safety and transportation standards for the importation of the world famous Jamones Iberico, or Iberian ham, cured ham from Spain for sale on the Taiwanese market.


However, due to the heavy demand and the traditional curing process the meat must undergo, from 24 to 36 months, the first batch of the highest quality Iberian ham was just imported into Taiwan in late February. Now the finest selection of the prized ham, a renowned treat from Southern Spain, has been made available for Taiwanese consumers.


The Fresh and Aged Italian Steak House in Neihu, Taipei, which is operated by one of Taiwan's largest meat importers Mayfull Foods, is one of the first locations in Taiwan where the famous ham is available, however due to limited supply and the rigid production schedule for the ham in Spain, the Iberico ham will only be available until March 25.


The next batch of the prized ham is expected to finish the curing process and arrive in Taipei in early 2019. In the meantime the Fresh and Aged Steakhouse is offering a special promotion for customers.


Iberian ham is a specialty product from Spain or Portugal which uses only purebred (or 50 percent) Iberian pigs that are native to the region (the Iberian Peninsula). The pigs must be raised on a free range and be fed an all-natural diet of grain or acorns, with the acorn fed pigs considered the highest quality.


There are front legs and rear leg cuts which require different curing times. The absolute highest quality Iberian ham, which is also one of the most expensive pork products in the world, are the rear haunches of the acorn fed pigs, which are cured for 36 months. This product is known as “Bellota” ham in Spanish.


The ham itself...


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