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·         Disney Launches ‘No Meatball’ Sub Made With Vegan Impossible Burger

·         Disney Is Using the Vegan Impossible Burger for Its ‘No Meatball’ Sub



Disney Launches ‘No Meatball’ Sub Made With Vegan Impossible Burger


by Nadia Murray-Ragg, Live Kindly

Mar 11, 2018


Disney has teamed up with vegan Impossible Foods in a (mostly) plant-based partnership to debut the No Meatball Sub, according to Foodbeast.


While the sub sandwich may appear simple on the outside, the Impossible Foods’ “bleeding” vegan burger meat is used to make the juicy meatballs, Disney told the publication. Coated with marinara sauce and topped with dairy-based mozzarella, the new meatless sandwich is not suitable for vegans to chow down on just yet. In addition to dairy cheese, Disney combines Impossible Foods’ vegan meat with eggs to flavor the meatballs. According to Disney, this helps the meatballs hold a firmer shape.


This is not the first time Impossible Foods’ meat has been turned from a beef-style patty into meatballs. In September last year, Clover Food Labs in Harvard Square became the first ever vendor to serve a meat-free ‘meatball’ sandwich, made from chunks of the Impossible Burger patties. The success and popularity of the Impossible Burger is all down to its quality, claims CEO of the brand, Patrick O. Brown. “Our [meat alternative] is getting better every day while the cow’s [beef meat] is not,” Brown has stated in the past.


Disney’s step in offering a meat-free option to help tide theme park-goers over during entertainment is a hopeful one. Perhaps, vegan options may soon be on the cards for the huge franchise...





Disney Is Using the Vegan Impossible Burger for Its ‘No Meatball’ Sub

The vegetarian sub uses the high-tech new “bleeding” vegan meat


By Elizabeth Licata, The Daily Meal

Mar 11, 2018


Disney might be the most magical place on Earth, but at a certain point science starts to look like magic. Now Disney is the latest company to put the high-tech, “bleeding” vegan meat from Impossible Foods on the menu with a “No Meatball” sub designed to taste like it’s made of real meat.


Foodbeast’s Constantine Spyrou tasted the sub, which is for sale at the Paradise Garden Grill at Disney’s California Adventure theme park, and said that it was, “the closest a vegan meat has ever gotten to the real deal.”


Impossible Burger’s vegan meat substitute has been turned into burgers in the past, but Disney used it to make meatballs, then stuffed them inside a crusty bun and covered them in marinara sauce and mozzarella to create what looks to any observer like a completely ordinary meatball sandwich. Nobody would guess by looking that the meat did not come from an animal, and the sandwich is vegetarian.


The Impossible Burger is a vegan meat substitute, but Disney’s “No Meatball” sub is vegetarian, not vegan. The meatballs are made with egg and the sandwich is topped with mozzarella, which means most vegans won’t be able to enjoy it. Vegetarians and curious omnivores can try the sandwich for $10.99...


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