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·         Danish Crown shift closure costs 140 jobs

·         Danish Crown abattoir jobs to go at Ringsted as slaughter scaled down



Danish Crown shift closure costs 140 jobs


By Aidan Fortune, GlobalMeatNews



The decision to stop running a night-shift at a Danish Crown slaughterhouse in Ringsted due to lower than expected throughput is to result in the loss of 140 jobs.


The processor is stopping the night-shift at the slaughterhouse because there are not enough pigs to ensure a full working week. It said that although the number of pigs has increased in recent months, it hasn’t been as much as expected.


The shift will close on 1 June with 140 employees losing their jobs, however 70 will be offered to continue as holiday cover workers until September.


Danish Crown pork production director Per Laursen said: “It is with great regret that we have made the decision, but it is unfortunately necessary. I am sorry that we have to say goodbye to skilled employees who have been very enthusiastic about the fact that we created the extra team at night this summer. They have done a great job, and the same have colleagues who have helped to educate their new colleagues.” ​


"We will do our best to help those fired in collaboration with the Food NNF and the local job center,”​ said Laursen. “We launch our social plan where each employee is invited to conversation to clarify his and her opportunities, as well as creating a job bank for the employees. Among other things, there will be opportunities for courses and education paid by Danish Crown.”​


In May last year, Danish Crown launched a growth package to stop the decline the number of pigs for fattening. It has been successful, and since 1 October, the business has seen an increase of around 2% compared to the previous year, but this was much lower than the expected rise of over 5%.


Danish Crown pork ceo Søren F. Eriksen added:





Danish Crown abattoir jobs to go at Ringsted as slaughter scaled down


By Simon Harvey, Just-Food

9 March 2018


Danish Crown plans to halt its night shift at a pork abattoir in the city of Ringsted due to the lower-than-expected supply of pigs, with about 140 people expected to lose their jobs.


Slaughtering will be scaled down at the plant from 1 June, according to a statement issued by the meat giant today (9 March). While the supply of pigs has increased over the past few months, it is not enough to warrant employees working through the night, when typically 11,500 animals are slaughtered a week during the twilight shift.


Of the 140 workers who will lose their jobs, 70 will be offered holiday relief work until September.


Last May, Danish Crown said it launched an "ambitious growth package'' to halt the decline in the supply of slaughter pigs.


"The plan has succeeded, and since 1 October we have seen a 2.5% increase relative to the previous year – however, the night shift was established on the assumption of a 5% increase.''


Per Laursen, vice president of production at Danish Crown Pork, expressed regret at the decision...