JBS is received at Fazenda, without Meirelles


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Representatives of JBS, including Wesley Batista Filho, president of JBS operations in South America and son of Wesley Batista, presented the company's recovery plan on Friday at the Ministry of Finance, where they were received by the executive secretary, Eduardo Guardia.


The company belongs to the Wesley brothers and Joesley Batista, who have been imprisoned in São Paulo since last year for suspicion of insider trading (in this case the awarding of the prize against the Temer government) to make undue profits in the financial market. According to Guardia, the company asked the meeting to submit to the government its financial situation, and was received as other groups and private associations.




JBS, which in addition to Batista Filho was represented by Gilberto Tomazoni, its president of global operations, did not make any request, assured the secretary. "I am not embarrassed to receive entrepreneurs who want to come here to talk about the economy, about the country, how I get several other entrepreneurs, segments, sectors, business associations.


According to him, the company came to show what it has been doing in terms of financial management and "corporate governance improvement".


"It was a scheduled meeting with me, Gilberto Tomazoni wanted to introduce himself and show what company he had been doing in the recent period. He had no request, no discussion of tax issues, nothing like that." we do not deal with any other topic


Guardia stressed that Finance Minister Henrique Meirelles, who chaired the board of directors of the holding company that controls JBS between 2012 and 2016, did not participate in the meeting. "The Minister of Finance has nothing to do with this conversation," Guardia said.


Meirelles, who moments before the Guard interview left the ministry for a meeting with President Michel Temer, shied away from the subject. "I do not know what the theme of the meeting is, ask him [Guard]. I'm sure the secretary will make it clear."


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