China Pork Market Dashboard powered by IQC Insights: Week 1, 2018


IQC Insights

via The Pig Site - 12 January 2018


We have the latest prices for Week 1, 2018 (Dec.30, 2017~Jan.5, 2018).


Compared with last week and last month, all the three prices of live pigs, piglets and pig carcass have increased. Especially the pig carcass price has the best performance, growing by 2.1% to CNY 21.1 per kg than last week. This was mainly stimulated by the large-scale heavy snow in more than 23 Chinese provinces in the first week of 2018.


We have also updated the monthly average prices for China’s live pigs, piglets and pig carcass by the end of last December. The price trend in the last month of 2017 is encouraging, with all three prices going upward...


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