Pork sales growth moves ahead of other meats


By Colin Ley, Pig World (UK)

January 11, 2018


Pork was one of the only primary meat categories to record year-on-year growth in sales volumes during the 12 weeks to December 3, 2017, according to AHDB Pork.


Although the year-on-year volume growth, at over 2%, was smaller than in the previous 12-week period, it was still well ahead of the marginal growth recorded for the whole of primary meat, fish and poultry.


Within the pork category, particularly strong volume growth was recorded for mince (+27%) and leg joints (+25%). In addition, rising average unit prices meant the value of the pork market increased even further, gaining a notable 9% on year earlier levels.


“Price inflation throughout the grocery market may be aiding consumer demand for pork at present,” commented AHDB Pork. “While pork prices have risen on the year, it is still a price competitive protein when compared to beef or lamb.


“In addition, with primary beef and lamb sales volumes during the same period down 2% and 5%...


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