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         National Bacon Day comes to a sizzle Saturday

         Poll: 21 Percent Of Americans Would Eat Bacon Every Day For Rest Of Their Lives



National Bacon Day comes to a sizzle Saturday


Lebanon Democrat, Staff Reports (TN)

Dec 26, 2017


Just saying the word bacon makes many hungry.


Itís an incredibly versatile food. It can be eaten on a burger if ready for a major calorie-fest. Conversely, It can be crumbled over a salad to be kind of healthy. But letís be honest. Nothing is healthy with bacon on it.


Or it can be made the star of the show by simply pairing it with eggs. No matter what, bacon is greasy, delicious and the most beautiful thing ever seen.


Anyone who wants to climb a tall building and scream at the top of your lungs, ďI love bacon,Ē can celebrate National Bacon Day on Saturday.


Why National Bacon Day is so belovedÖ


ē Itís amazing: It complements everything it comes in touch with, whether itís spicing up a boring salad or taking donuts to the next level. They say Midas has the golden touch, but it begs to differ.


ē Itís convenient: Look, thereís never enough time in one day. Between jobs, errands and friends, there are always struggles to find time to cook. However, when bacon is served as a meal, thatís not a problem. All that needs to be done is heat up a pan. The bacon will be ready in minutes, and the gnarly hunger monster inside will be sated. Itís a win-win situation for everyone involved.


ē It has superpowers: Bacon contains a surprisingly little-known nutrient called ďcholine.Ē Itís been known to increase intelligence and memory, fight Alzheimerís disease and protect the heart from developing lethal problems. It was never thought this favorite food could get any better, but then there are its health benefits. Thanks, bacon; itís the gift that keeps on giving.


How to celebrate National Bacon Day:





Poll: 21 Percent Of Americans Would Eat Bacon Every Day For Rest Of Their Lives


CBS Philly

December 28, 2017


PHILADELPHIA (CBS) ó This Saturday is National Bacon Day!


With National Bacon Day coming up, National Today conducted a survey where researchers asked 1,000 Americans what they thought about one of the countryís most popular breakfast food.


According to the survey, 21 percent of Americans say that if they had a choice, they would eat bacon every day for the rest of their lives. Sixteen percent of Americans asked said they couldnít live without bacon, while 18 percent say that bacon is their favorite food.


Only 4 percent of Americans asked in the survey donít like bacon.


What also came from the survey shows that one in five Americans agree that itís real bacon or no bacon at all and that 19 percent of bacon-eating Americans say that turkey bacon isnít real bacon.


Another 17 percent say the same thing when it comes to Canadian bacon while 21 percent flat out refuse to eat non-meat bacon at all.


Another question asked was how those involved in the survey liked their bacon cut, between thick-cut and thin-cut. Thirty-three percent said that they like thick-cut bacon better while the other 67 prefer say that they prefer thin-cut...