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·         Meat Mag Names Plant-Based Protein Top Trend of 2017

·         Pork Industry Admits to Keeping a Close Eye on Vegans



Meat Mag Names Plant-Based Protein Top Trend of 2017


By Anna Starostinetskaya, VegNews

December 6, 2017


Meat + Poultry points to the unprecedented growth of plant-based protein companies such as Impossible Foods and predicts a bright future for meatless food.


Meat industry outlet Meat + Poultry magazine published its “Year in Review 2017” report in its December issue.


The publication listed several “hot topics” it gleaned from its biggest headlines of the year, including the rapid growth of plant-based meat companies and foods.


“Companies like Memphis Meats and Impossible Foods have gained momentum in offering plant-based and cultured meat as alternatives to traditionally produced, animal-derived proteins,” the publication stated. “As a growing number of retailers, foodservice operators, and even processors invest in the future of the technologies behind these new products, the future of meat alternatives beyond 2017 looks bright.”


Similarly, earlier this week, meat-centric publication Farmer Journal’s Pork highlighted the growth of vegan fast-food eateries such as San Diego’s Plant Power Fast Food.


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Pork Industry Admits to Keeping a Close Eye on Vegans


Buffy Flores, Livekindly

Dec 6, 2017


Philadelphia | It might not be fair to say the meat industry is running scared from the growing vegan movement, but it’s accurate to say that the burgeoning demand for healthier, animal-free products is on their radar. It might be even more precise to say that the pork industry, in particular, is keeping a close eye on vegans.


In an editorial from Farm Journal’s Pork (FJP), the author responds to an article written by Forbes’ in-house vegan contributor, Katrina Fox, called “Move Over McDonald’s, The Future Of Fast Food Is Vegan.” The author says about Fox, “It wasn’t until I clicked on her name that I saw her obvious bias toward vegan food.” This is being written from a magazine called Farm Journal’s Pork, but I digress.


In an explorative piece, the author continues by urging meat sellers and producers to re-think their marketing processes. In fact, they go straight to the point. “The point is, animal agriculture can learn from these vegan establishments.”


They continue:


“We also need to listen to what proponents of the vegan lifestyle have to say, and ask them questions about their food choices, as opposed to writing them off as uninformed, uneducated followers. Get to know them and keep the communication door open.”


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