Sustainability to Elevate Danish Crown


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06 December 2017


DENMARK - Under the banner 'Feeding the World', the Danish Crown group is launching a new strategy for sustainability and corporate social responsibility to ensure sustainable food for the Earth's rapidly growing population.


One of the group's first initiatives is to bring together players from all over the world for a conference to discuss real and sustainable solutions for the entire value chain.


The strategy will see Danish Crown shouldering greater responsibility for the entire value chain from farm to fork.


The aim is to create a strong future for Danish agriculture and the group's owners by linking agricultural and food production directly with the increasing need for food in a world which will soon be home to 10 billion people.


This will happen through increased focus on sustainability. At the same time, more focus is needed on the working environment and social integration in the workplace.


Jais Valeur, Group CEO of Danish Crown said, "We have created value for society for generations through developing food production which is recognised worldwide for its high quality and high food safety standards.


"We've done well, but the time has now come to ratchet things up a level, and ambitiously take a shared responsibility for developing even more sustainable, healthy and nutritious food products."


Changes must come about through cooperation


At the heart of the new CSR strategy is partnering to find long-term and real sustainable solutions. In addition, the strategy focuses on sustainable agriculture, sustainable food production, good jobs for everyone and driving the market and innovation together with customers and consumers.


Mr Valeur said, "Meat impacts the climate and the environment, but is at the same time a vital source of protein.


"Therefore, Danish Crown will head developments which can raise sustainability standards for everything from the growing of crops, animal housing systems and animal welfare, to resource utilisation and the working environment at our production facilities."


Partnerships and Feeding the World stakeholder conference ...


Working environment and social integration ...


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