Nearly nude man arrested after shooting at hogs across a highway


By Jamey Boyum, KLTV Tyler, Texas

November 30th 2017




Law enforcement and the judicial system recently had to deal with a case that was a little unusual. The initial call was for a man and a woman wearing no clothes and riding a four-wheeler. However, when a deputy arrived at the scene in Diana, he found what looked like a nude man with a rifle.


Upshur County Officials recently released the bodycam video of the incident that happened last spring.


On March 23, Upshur County Deputy Josh Lambert arrived at a house on Highway 259 and went to the backyard where the homeowner, Norman Earl Brewer, was leaning on a truck sighting across the highway with a rifle. Brewer appeared to be naked.


Brewer fired the gun.


“Put that down, now,” said Deputy Lambert.


Brewer walked toward the deputy with the gun pointed at the ground. The deputy repeatedly asked him to put the gun down and Brewer finally put the gun on a covered hot tub on the patio.


“When I say put it down, that means put it down. Not when you want to put it down, when I say put it down, to start with. You realize you just committed a huge offense,” Lambert said.


“Shooting pigs?” Brewer asked.


“Across the roadway?” Lambert responded.


Brewer said he had permission from the property owner across the street to shoot wild hogs.


Brewer was not naked, but he only wore a skin-toned thong. Brewer then retrieved his ID and Lambert asked him to put some clothes on.


“Unless you want to go like that,” Lambert said.


“Go where?” Brewer asked.


“You’re going to jail,” Lambert replied.


“Come on, man” Brewer stated.


“What do you mean, come on man, you cannot shoot across a public roadway like that,” Lambert said.


He then went to get dressed but didn’t return. A short time later...


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