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·         FSIS Official Counters Brazil Talk of Reopening US market to Brazil Beef

·         Brazil’s run of big beef horror



FSIS Official Counters Brazil Talk of Reopening US market to Brazil Beef



via KTIC (NE) - December 5, 2017


A Brazilian meat executive caused a stir Nov. 28 when he told Reuters that his company Minerva, SA is getting ready to resume exports of fresh beef to the U.S. as early as the first quarter of 2018.


USDA officials, however, have dismissed the idea as “inaccurate” and stated again that they have never given a time frame for when the ban would be lifted. USDA suspended imports on June 22, when a government audit discovered food safety deficiencies in the wake of Brazil’s inspection scandal.


In an interview Friday (Dec. 1), Carmen Rottenberg, USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service’s acting deputy undersecretary, told IEG Policy that USDA is still waiting for Brazilian authorities to provide information on how they’ve resolved concerns that caused the ban to be imposed in the first place.


“Nothing has changed,” Rottenberg said. “The ball is really in Brazil’s court to provide us with information that we’ve requested. We have had back and forth with Brazil and they’ve provided us with some information and we’ve asked for additional information. But the notion that we’ve given them some sort of a timeline, is completely inaccurate.”


According to Rottenberg, at this time it is not possible to estimate when the ban may be lifted, because even when Brazil provides the additional information, the agency will likely still have to conduct a verification audit...





Brazil’s run of big beef horror


North Queensland Register (Australia)

5 Dec 2017


BRAZILIAN beef’s dramas started in March with meat inspection corruption scandals which led to temporary import bans, then the JBS affair arrived which is seeing big sell-offs of assets owned by that company – the world’s largest meat packer.


Next came a suspension of fresh Brazilian beef exports to the United States.


Brazilian beef exports were only down 10 per cent year-on-year in the first five months of 2017.


During a visit to Darwin, leading South American economist Adolfo Fontes, Rabobank’s senior research analyst based in São Paulo, pointed out Brazil’s beef industry bounced back quickly on the regulatory front following the first drama...