Investor service tags companies as 'exploiting' animals


by Jeff Gelski, MEAT+POULTRY

Dec. 4, 2017


AUSTIN, Texas – Cruelty Free Investing is offering a list of companies its researchers say don’t exploit animals; and while the site doesn’t offer advice on which stocks to buy, the non-profit organization is taking a position on what qualifies as exploitation of animals.


The company has researched “every corporation on the three major stock exchanges” and placed them into one of two categories — companies that exploit animals and companies that do not, according to the Cruelty Free Investing website. However, the evaluation criteria used to determine companies that exploit animals includes:


·         manufacture or serve food or beverage items containing animal products

·         manufacture or sell clothing that involves killing or harming animals (e.g., leather or fur)

·         manufacture or sell products that use animals for experiments

·         breed animals for food production and/or animal testing


Additionally, Cruelty Free Investing offers a list of what it believes are the Top 10 worst companies when it comes to animal exploitation. Cal-Maine Foods, Dean Foods, Hormel Foods, JBS S.A., Sanderson Farms, Seaboard Corp., Smithfield and Tyson Foods made the list.


The Cruelty Free Investing website states...