Port of Wilmingtonís Positioning as Cold-Chain Hub

North Carolinaís Ag Exporters Require Temperature-Control Services


by Peter Buxbaum, Global Trade Magazine

December 4th, 2017


The port of Wilmington, North Carolina, is well positioned geographically to serve the stateís robust agriculture export industry, but until recently it lacked nearby cold storage infrastructure, prompting some exporters to look elsewhere.


But a few months ago, a new, 101,000 square foot refrigerated warehouse, used to maintain specific temperatures for the storage of perishable goods, opened within the portís gates. Port of Wilmington Cold Storage, has three-billion cubic feet, with a refrigerated loading and storage dock, a larger freezer section, and a blast-freezer compartment, and has the potential to triple its current capacity to over 300,000 square feet, according to Richard Mayes, managing partner of Carolina Capital LLC, a provider of cold chain logistics consulting, operations, and investments, who spoke at a cold chain summit organized by North Carolina Ports in Wilmington earlier this month.


The new cold storage facility was developed as part of a pubic-private partnership, the first of its kind for the state-owned and operated port...


... Hog Slat, which produces live hogs as well as hog farming and processing equipment, is working on opening new markets in Argentina and India and has opened new plants in the United States to increase its output by 10 percent, all of which is meant for export.


In the US, pork consumption has been stuck at around 50 pounds per person per year for about ten years and has not risen, despite the best efforts of the industry. Yet pork exports to Mexico have grown dramatically during the same period, even though domestic Mexican production has also increased at the same time. The company has been exporting to Mexico for 20 years.


Said David Herring, Hog Slatís vice president: