Pig Improvement Company (‘PIC’)

Avlscenter Møllevang / Møllevang Genetics (‘Møllevang’)

14 November 2017


Møllevang, an independent Danish porcine genetics company, and PIC, the porcine business unit of

Genus plc and global supplier of elite porcine genetics and services, are pleased to announce they

have agreed to enter into a strategic relationship, commencing on 1 July 2018. The agreements are

subject to a number of conditions, and the parties will act independently until the relationship

becomes effective.


After July 2018, Møllevang will continue to distribute elite genetics in the Danish market and certain

other countries. Møllevang will also become an elite genetics production partner of PIC in Denmark.

Niels Pedersen, the owner of Møllevang, remains in control of the breeding operations of Møllevang

and the other terms of this strategic relationship remain confidential.


Møllevang has an excellent track record for breeding and multiplication of Landrace, Large White

and Duroc pure line populations. After starting as multiplier in 2000 and expanding into nucleus

production in 2002 in the DanAvl system, Møllevang has consistently pushed the development and

implementation of new technologies that drive faster genetic improvement focusing on robust,

productive animals that maximize profitability for its customers. In July 2017, Møllevang started

independent operations, and began a process of advanced genetic selection, tailored for commercial

production by focusing on sow productivity, pig growth, meat quality, and ease of animal

management, with the ultimate aim of generating more efficient animals for the customer.


“Since becoming an independent genetics company, Møllevang has had a number of opportunities to

partner with third party genetics providers,” said Niels Pedersen, CEO of Møllevang. “The choice is

obvious; PIC’s technological leadership and global scale is a complementary fit for Møllevang. Once

the strategic relationship commences in July 2018, the combination of Møllevang and PIC will offer

our customers access to the highest quality pig genetics and services. Until then Møllevang will

continue to offer its customers high quality products and services.”


“Møllevang has supplied Danish and international producers with advanced genetics for nearly two

decades,” said Bill Christianson, COO of PIC. “Once effective, the strategic relationship will allow PIC

and Møllevang to grow their presence in Denmark, strengthen PIC’s supply chain in Europe, and

increase competition in the Danish market.”


About Møllevang Genetics


Møllevang is an independent pig breeding company based in Denmark. Since 2000, Møllevang has

focused on multiplication of Landrace, Large White and Duroc pure line populations and expanded

into nucleus production in 2002. Since 1 July 2017, Møllevang has operated independently, selling

high quality breeding stock to producers in Europe and beyond. More information can be found at



About PIC


PIC (Pig Improvement Company) is the global leader in pig genetics. PIC provides genetically superior

breeding stock to pig producers and supports with technical services to help them realize the genetic

potential. PIC is a subsidiary of Genus, a UK based company that has as its vision to pioneer animal

genetic improvement to help nourish the world. More information can be found at www.pic.com.