Aussie farmers win big in Peru trade deal

A free trade deal between Australia and Peru is expected to have significant flow-on benefits for farmers, cane growers and primary producers.


Source: AAP

via SBS (Australia) - Aug 9, 2017


Australian sugar, beef and dairy farmers are expected to be among the biggest winners from a free trade deal to be struck with Peru on Friday.


Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will seal the trade pact on the sidelines of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in Vietnam.


The agreement - the fastest Australia has ever finalised after negotiations were launched in May - will eliminate 99 per cent of tariffs faced by exporters into Peru.


Mr Turnbull has described the Peru FTA as the first step towards a larger Pacific alliance, including the fast-growing Latin American economies of Chile, Colombia and Mexico.


He will undoubtedly hold the prized deal aloft in coming days as he urges world leaders in Da Nang to embrace well regulated open markets over protectionism.


"The equation is simple: