Phew! Manure raises a stink in the Quad-City area


Linda Cook, Quad-City Times (IA)

Oct 10, 2017


The smell of, uh, agricultural fertilizer wafted through the Quad-Cities this week while people wondered “What’s that awful smell?”


Iowa conservation officer Jeff Harrison thinks that Quad-City farmers are using manure in their fields. “As they bring the crops in, they take the manure they have stockpiled all summer long and knife it into the field,” he said, explaining that this is a process whereby the manure is inserted below the soil’s surface.


“There is always a large amount you can smell from the top of the surface,” he said. “It’s a common procedure.”


This fertilizer replenishes nutrients in the ground to prepare the fields for next year's crop.


Although he was not involved in the process, he believes the smell emanated from “manure slurry” that comes from hogs. “It’s very obnoxious smelling,” he said...