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·         Should McDonald’s really be jumping on the vegan bandwagon?

·         McVegan Is Here — But Is a Vegan Burger What America Wants From Fast Food?



Should McDonald’s really be jumping on the vegan bandwagon?


Miranda Larbi, Opinion,

11 Oct 2017


Last week, McDonald’s announced that they were launching a vegan burger at their Finland branches – and the plant-based world went wild.


Finally, Scandinavian vegans could visit those magical yellow arches and get their chops around some good old fashioned junk food.


But should we really be applauding McDonald’s for making such a move?


It’s a tricky one.


Eating out as a vegan requires quite a lot of planning and money. Turning up to any old eatery can often result in you spending the evening eating your way through umpteen side salads and bowls of chips. The non-meat options on offer in mainstream restaurants are often miserable.


And when you do plan ahead and find somewhere plant-based and delicious-sounding, it’s often quite pricey.


House of Seitan is one of the most delicious vegan junk food outlets out there (true fact), offering up the best fried chicken and chips this side of heaven. But a meal deal costs around £9 – which is fine but hardly loose change.


So it’s fair enough that many rejoiced at the thought of a €3 (2.70) vegan pattie.


Amy Muir, AKA Silly Ginger Vegan, is a vegan blogger and influencer with thousands of followers and she’s all in favour of the new Maccie D’s offering. ‘WE should support vegan options


‘We should support vegan options because that’s how veganism spreads making it easier and accessible for all,’ she tells


‘Being negative just because it’s McDonald’s doesn’t make sense because it’s almost impossible to show somewhere that isn’t fully vegan or cruelty-free. Support companies who offer vegan options because we need to show that theres demand. Supply and demand!’


And you know – maybe a few drunk Finns might find themselves accidentally ordering a McVegan burger on a night out and find themselves lured over to the dark side.


‘A lot of people live in food deserts (mainly in the US) where they can only get food from sh*tty places like McDonald’s – if it makes it easier for people in places like that to go vegan then I’m all for it,’ long-time vegan Ash tells


‘And makes it easier for people transitioning to veganism not to slip up on nights out and stuff. If the vegan burger does well it might one day (although probably not soon) convince McDonald’s and other death houses to stop torturing and killing so many animals.’


It’s an inescapable fact that the more mainstream outlets who offer plant-based options, the more veganism will be taken seriously and will be normalised. And that’s what we need to happen...


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McVegan Is Here — But Is a Vegan Burger What America Wants From Fast Food?

It's currently in testing mode.


by Drew DiSabatino, Bravo TV

October 10, 2017


Remember back in the day when fast food chains poured millions of dollars into commercials just to promote the amount of beef in their burgers? It became a bit of a competition between big names like McDonalds, Burger King, and Wendy’s over who could create the biggest, beefiest burgers. Who recalls this old chestnut?


But the times they are a-changing. Alternative diets like vegetarianism and veganism are on the rise, and brands are not about to miss out on any potential next big thing. So that explains the latest story from People, reporting that McDonald's is currently market testing a vegan-friendly version of its burgers.


Meet the McVegan...


But don't look for it at your corner fast food joint just yet: According to the report, the soy-based patty creation is currently on sale only at McD’s locations in certain parts of... Finland. The burger includes a bun, soy burger patty, lettuce, tomato, ketchup, pickles, onions, and mustard — no cheese.


No word on any timeline for when it might spread beyond Finland, however...


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