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·         Manitoba confirms fourth PED case of year

·         Direct-fed microbial mitigates effects of PEDV challenge in nursery pigs



Manitoba confirms fourth PED case of year


By Alexis Stockford, Grainews

May 17, 2017


Another finisher barn in southeastern Manitoba has tested positive for porcine epidemic diarrhea (PED) in the province’s fourth on-farm case of the disease this year.


Manitoba Pork Council general manager Andrew Dickson said barn staff noticed symptoms Sunday. Tests were taken the following day with results confirmed Tuesday.


“That doesn’t mean every pig in the barn has got it at this moment in time, it just means some of the pigs got it, but it’s likely to spread,” he said.


The pork council is behaving under the assumption that the whole barn is infected.


“The question that then rises is it’s a feeder barn, so did the baby pigs that went into that barn, did they bring it in?” Dickson said.


Manitoba’s chief veterinary officer Dr. Megan Bergman was not available for comment, but previously told industry broadcast Farmscape that an investigation was underway into the source of the infections.


The two sow operations and another finishing barn were confirmed positive for the disease on May 2, May 4 and May 8. All four cases lie within five kilometres of each other.


The newest report brings Manitoba’s PED cases to 14 since the virus was discovered in the province in 2014.


Losses from the virus this year are not known.


“With the feeder operations, what you tend to do is you get some sick pigs and you get some that don’t make it, but a chunk of them will get through it,” Dickson said.


The larger danger, he noted, was to young animals. The virus is known to cause up to 100 per cent mortality in suckling pigs.


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Direct-fed microbial mitigates effects of PEDV challenge in nursery pigs


Cheryl Day, National Hog Farmer

May 18, 2017


Quality Technology International Inc. announces publication of a major study on the beneficial effects of dietary CALSPORIN in porcine epidemic diarrhea virus-challenged, early-weaned nursery pigs at Iowa State University’s Swine Medicine Education Center by Paisley Canning, Locke Karriker and co-workers. The article appeared in the May-June 2017 issue of the Journal of Swine Health and Production [25(3):129-137].


PEDV was first confirmed in North America in April 2013 and since then has been observed in 30 states, with more than 9,000 confirmed cases. PEDV is a coronavirus that damages the villi of the gut in naïve, susceptible pigs causing fluid loss (diarrhea), dehydration, maldigestion and malabsorption, increased risk of septicemia due to decreased intestinal wall barrier functions, and mortality which may be high in suckling pigs. The incubation period is approximately two days and diarrhea lasts for seven to 14 days in older pigs.


CALSPORIN is a direct-fed microbial...