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·         Lighthizer to hold NAFTA talks with Congress, attend APEC trade ministers meeting in his first week

·         White House notifies Congress of intent to start Nafta renegotiation talks

·         Trump Officially Moves to Renegotiate NAFTA

·         NAFTA: Lobbying Proves Effective



Lighthizer to hold NAFTA talks with Congress, attend APEC trade ministers meeting in his first week


Jenny Leonard, Inside U.S. Trade

via Coalition For a Prosperous America - May 17, 2017


Robert Lighthizer, slated to be sworn in as U.S. Trade Representative on Monday afternoon, will have a busy first week in office, meeting with congressional committees of jurisdiction to discuss the administration’s negotiating objectives for NAFTA and traveling to the two-day APEC trade ministers meeting in Vietnam, sources told Inside U.S. Trade.


Lighthizer is expected to discuss a second draft of the administration’s notice to Congress on the renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement in meetings with the House Ways & Means and Senate Finance committees, as well as with the House Advisory Group on Negotiations and the Senate Advisory Group on Negotiations, these sources said.


After Congress and the administration agree to a final version, the president will officially notify lawmakers of his intent to begin talks with Ottawa and Mexico City 90 days after the date of the notice. That notice, sources said, is expected to be sent the week of May 22 -- meaning negotiations with the two NAFTA partners will not begin until late August.


A first draft of the notice was sent to lawmakers in late March after acting U.S. Trade Representative Stephen Vaughn, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and other administration officials met with the Ways & Means Committee and the House Advisory Group on Negotiations, or HAGON. Those meetings -- as well as meetings with Senate counterparts -- are required under Section 105(a)(1)(B) of the Trade Promotion Authority law...


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White House notifies Congress of intent to start Nafta renegotiation talks


by: Shawn Donnan, Financial Times

May 18, 2017


US President Donald Trump has fired the starting gun on renegotiations of the North American Free Trade Agreement with Canada and Mexico, with the administration’s notification to Congress on Thursday that it plans to begin formal talks as soon as August.


A letter to congressional leaders sent by Robert Lighthizer, the new US trade representative, gave Congress the required 90-day notification of new trade talks. It also comes just three weeks after Mr Trump abruptly reversed a plan to pull the US out of the 23-year-old trade agreement that now underpins the North American supply chains of myriad multinational companies.


Mr Lighthizer said the US hoped to wrap up the negotiations by the end of this year. But…





Trump Officially Moves to Renegotiate NAFTA


By Ben Potter,, Social Media and Innovation Editor

May 18, 2017


In a statement issued this morning, U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer formally notified Congress specifics on how the Trump Administration intends to renegotiate NAFTA.


“As I said when I was sworn in three days ago, I believe the President’s leadership on trade will permanently reverse the dangerous trajectory of American trade,” he said. “Changing that trajectory is why we’re here today.”


In a letter addressed to Chuck Schumer, Orrin Hatch, Paul Ryan and Nancy Pelosi, Lighthizer stressed the need to modernize the 25-year-old trade agreement.


“For example, digital trade was in its infancy when NAFTA was enacted,” the letter notes...





NAFTA: Lobbying Proves Effective



via The Cattle Site - 18 May 2017


CANADA - The Vice President of the Canadian Global Affairs Institute says lobbying efforts from both within the United States and from Canada and Mexico to salvage the North American Free Trade Agreement are showing results, Bruce Cochrane writes.


Since the election of US President Donald Trump the future of the North American Free Trade Agreement has been in question.


Colin Robertson, the Vice President and a Fellow with the Canadian Global Affairs Institute, observes trade is important to the United States, especially to US agriculture.


Colin Robertson-Canadian Global Affairs Institute


There was a faction within the White House, probably led by Mr Bannon and involving Peter Navarro who now heads his Trade and Industry Office in the White House, was encouraging the President to rescind the North American Free Trade Agreement but there was pushback from within the White House.


As within any administration there are various factions, led by probably Mr Cohn and Jared Kushner his son in law.


When word got out that this plan was to rescind the NAFTA, it was leaked up on Capitol Hill where the reaction was quite negative on both sides of the aisle.


Both Democrats and Republicans, Republicans like John McCain who chairs the important Armed Services Committee and most importantly within the farm community in what we would call Trump states, those states in the Midwest that voted for Mr Trump.


Ohio, Iowa Wisconsin, they pushed back and said no, don't rescind the NAFTA because it's working for us.


The agriculture community has responded to word that the NAFTA might be ending and this will play out.


This is not something that will be settled today.


This is like a moving picture.


We're never sure on any day where things is going.


The Canadian and Mexican efforts to point out that trade works well not just for Mexico and Canada but for the United States, I think, is starting to show some result.