Suspect pops manager with purse full of pork



Apr 19, 2017


JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A Jonesboro woman faces felony charges after police say she popped a grocery store manager in the head with a purse full of pork ribs.


Tuesday afternoon, two women and a small child entered Bill’s Fresh Market, 4225 Stadium, and headed to the meat aisle where they loaded five packages of pork ribs into their cart.


The store manager then noticed something unusual: one of the women started stuffing the pork in her empty purse.


To stop them from running out with the ribs, the manager locked the front doors and confronted the women about the alleged shoplifting.


According to the initial incident report, “they started banging on the door to exit the store.”


The women managed to get out the doors into the parking lot, with the manager and several other employees right behind them, trying to stop them.


That’s when the suspect started swinging the purse packed with pork, striking the manager in the head.


Somehow in the melee, the employees managed to recover the meat.


The suspects and the child got into a silver Chevy Impala and left the store, driving north on Stadium.


According to the police report...