Access ‘paramount’ for Canadian pork


By Oscar Rousseau, GlobalMeatNews



An aggressive strategy to smash down import taxes on Canadian pork and reduce trading barriers in high-growth markets is of high importance for the nation’s hog sector.


Chasing new markets or expanding access in ones already carved open is key to the country satisfying rising global demand for pigmeat, particularly in Asia, the Canadian Pork Council (CPC) has claimed.


“Pork producers understand that market access is of paramount importance to the sustainability of the country and the hog industry,” said CPC chair Rick Bergmann in a press statement.


“The development of international market opportunities like Japan and China creates Canadian jobs across the country, attracts investment and contributes to growing the economy.”


Bergmann’s comments come as new statistics on Canadian pork exports revealed volume exports to China increased by 144% in 2016. Canada exported 12,500 40-foot shipping containers filled with 312,000 tonnes (t) of Canadian pork to China last year. With sales of CA$580 million, this represented a year-on-year rise of 157%.


The US and Japan are also key markets...