Trump and Trudeau satisfied with trade relations


By Andrew Flinn, Brownfield

February 14, 2017


Both President Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau say they are mostly satisfied with current trade relationship between the two countries.


President Trump says while trade with Canada has been good for the US under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), trade with Mexico is a different story.


“For many many years the transaction was not fair to the United States. It’s an extremely unfair transaction. We’re going to work with Mexico and make it a fair deal for both parties. I think that we’re going to get along very well with Mexico,” says Trump.


Prime Minister Trudeau says much of the Canadian economy depends on working trade agreements with the United States.


“The fact is that millions of good jobs on both sides of the border depend on the smooth and easy flow of goods, services and people back and forth across our border,” says Trudeau


The President says current trade deals with Canada could be modified...