Cohesion Between the Segments of Production Critical in the Sustainability of the Beef Business


Oklahoma Farm Report

14 Feb 2017


Radio Oklahoma Ag Network Farm Director Ron Hays spoke recently with John Butler of the Beef Marketing Group who currently chairs the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association’s US Roundtable on Sustainable Beef. As one of the foremost authorities on sustainability in the industry, Butler shared his belief that tying together all segments of the beef business, from cow/calf producer to the end user, the industry will ultimately be able to provide a better eating experience for the consumer.


“Alignment is the future of protein,” Butler said. “We’re going to need to be more aligned with where the animals begin, all the way until they become in the meat case or on the menu and actually tie that promise.”


Butler contends this is a natural progression for the beef industry, basing his thoughts on extensive research conducted at the Beef Marketing Group, working to understand what consumers want from the beef products they purchase. He says through this research; the industry has been able to build upon a continual effort to improve the supply chain.


“As a result we think we’ve built a more sustainable model, from a business perspective,” Butler said...


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