Transportation Commission approves road funds for Wright County Prestage pork plant


By Dar Danielson, Radio Iowa

February 14, 2017


The Iowa Transportation Commission approved funding today to help improve the roadway into the new Prestage pork plant under construction in Wright County near Eagle Grove.


The director of the office of systems planning at the DOT, Craig Markleym says commissioners approve what are called RISE funds for the project. He says the application is for the construction of turn lanes and paving of 13,374 feet of Wright County Road C-56 as well as turn lanes on Iowa 17, and turn lanes at the intersection of Iowa 17 and Wright County Road C-56.


The funding it tied to the new jobs the plant will create. “This particular project is for the creation of 196 new full-time jobs. Now in reality, that pork processing plant, they are going to have way more than that number of jobs,” Markley says. The plant will have around 925 jobs in its first shift. He says creating a certain number of jobs is part of the requirement for these type of funds.


Markley says if there are enough jobs created, they can get up to 80 percent of the project cost in state funds...